Yearly Vaastu

‘Vastu’, also called as ‘Vastu Shastra’ as commonly understood, is the science, relating to the construction of human dwellings e.g. houses, factories, shops, religious places, complexes, townships etc. But, the team of ‘’® after its deep, continuous and painstaking research has found that Vastu Shastra is essentially ‘Science for Management of Space and Energy’.

Vastu Shastra, also called Vedanga (literal meaning- limb of Vedas), has its roots in the Vedas, most ancient literature of human history and is very scientific and pragmatic. This is an ancient Indian science for designing and construction of all types of buildings in harmony with the natural laws of the universe for well being of humanity as a whole..

In Dishao we provide the yearly vastu services for your home ,your business & for your personal problems. We give 100% satisfaction with best results to our clients. Vastu is change every year & it balanced according to the Vastu Chart.